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At the beginning there was chaos
Sworn out of the chaos and created by an omnipotent hand beyond time and space - the primordial elements: fire, earth, water and air. Moulded from elements, equipped with divinity and linked to their element - The Gods: Helios, Gaia, Pontos and Aither. Loyal, grateful to their God and blessed with free will - the races - Albs, Humans, Flumars and Langrens.
Are you ready for the adventures of Negaia?
The Stormwehr
08.04.2016 - The Stormwehr is a special unit of the Hermunduri faction (Human). By implementing the armour of the Stormwehr we finished the implementation of our equipment system which was one milestone for Negaia.
On the picture is shown Stormgeneral Khago Halbohr.
The World
The world of Negaia has been existing for three eras. Over this long time, Negaia changed its face several times, up to its present appearance. The world is divided into underworld, middle world and upper world.

The underworld called Igdrasil, is realm of the dead and residence of the god Helios. The middle world is home to all races. The largest landmass is the continent Sumerak, which is surrounded by the Aperan Ocean. The upper world, residence of the gods Gaia, Aither and Pontos is known as Haimdall.
The Races
Four races populate the world of Negaia. The Humans in the east, the Flumars in the south, the Albs in the north and the itinerating Langren.

The Humans of Negaia are very similar to the humans of Earth, and therefore close to the element earth. The Flumars are creatures of the element water. The Albs are close to the element fire. The element of air is subject to the Langrens.
Motivation and Team
The motivation for the game project has its origins in a deep frustration over other MMO games. What was frustrating? Mainly missing game elements, like housing, decent trading system, open world PVP, etc.
That alone is not enough, of course - a good story and technical know-how for this purpose are needed. At the beginning of the project Negaia was a one-man show. During this period the world and its history has been conceived and searched for appropriate tools for the realization of the project. The start of the realization was in November2010.
Here we would like to take this opportunity to present websites of friends. This are websites from friendly projects from all areas that could arouse the curiosity of Negaia-interested people. Have a look around the presentions of the next pages.
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